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Body and Face Shaping of your Avatar (Woman) Remote with delivery of items NewCondition 9.99
In Stock
Body and Face Shaping of your Avatar (Woman) In prima persona agendo direttamente sul vostro avatar NewCondition 9.99
In Stock

It doesn't matter to be born in a duck yard when you are lucky enough to become a swan. (Hans Christian Andersen)

Tired of looking like one of the many? Would you like to have a unique and irresistible look?

Our experts will be able to create for you the best look you could wish for.

This service involves the creation of the shape of the Body or Face that will be sent to you directly on Second Life.

The service provides two delivery methods:

1) The specialist will create the shape of your body or face which will be sent directly to your account and you will only have to wear it.

2) You will be contacted by the specialist who will take care of creating the shape of your body or face by applying it directly to your avatar. (For more details on this option click HERE)

Within 7 days of delivery you will have the right to request the intervention of one of our specialists free of charge to make any changes. (Only available for 1 time)
Any further requests for changes can be purchased by clicking HERE.

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