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"Always On": Contest

Prize 10.000L$

Requirements to participate in the "Always On" Contest:


Have purchased at least one service;

Wait to be included among the participants on the page;


How does the "Always On" Contest work?


When a purchase of minimum 10€ is made,

the customer is automatically entered in the list

of probable winners of the "Always On" Contest.

The Contest does not have a start date

because when the list reaches 10 names,

one of them is automatically drawn by lot

and proclaimed the winner and the Contest is reset.

In the Winners section you will find all the names

(Second Life nickname that will be partially censored for Privacy)

lucky ones who have won past Contests.

If you have already purchased

and are therefore already part of the list of participants,

a new purchase will give you an extra chance to win.

All participants in past Contests,

they can also participate in all subsequent ones

under the same conditions or by purchasing new services

they will be added to the list again

for how many purchases they have made.

The winner will be contacted on Second Life or by email

(if it was not possible on Second Life)

to receive the award.

List of participants in the contest "Always Active






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